Emerging Media & IMC: What Really Matters

The way I see it, there are two important concepts when thinking about the latest in media and IMC: speed and convenience. People today are constantly on the go (myself included) and being able to simply click on an app and do what you need is essential.

This is what I want to take a closer look at, apps. Working in retail, I have learned new technology that benefits stores in sales and promotion. Stores are now carrying smartphones on hand that enable employees to look up and order items that are otherwise unavailable in their store. For my store, the goal is to make at least 1% of daily sales via smartphone, hence increasing sales numbers overall. Another source of convenience that’s using apps to increase sales is a newer technology called Visa Checkout. This, similar to PayPal, helps consumers shop from their smartphones without having to enter in any credit card information.

These two resources alone are utilizing apps to “up” sales, and they are not alone. They have recognized the convenience factor, allowing customers to get what they want in the click of a button.

This quick and easy process is impacting IMC in a big way. Marketing to consumers can now be done through a device that is essentially held by the targeted audience at all times. By grasping the convenience and speed of the app world, marketers will be able to grasp their audience by fitting into their everyday lives.

Here’s an article that lists the top apps for marketers: http://www.smartinsights.com/mobile-marketing/app-marketing/best-iphoneipad-apps-for-marketing/

Also, this article discusses the launch of “order in store” for Gap (my workplace): http://www.retailwire.com/discussion/17471/gap-to-test-online-ordering-in-stores



2 thoughts on “Emerging Media & IMC: What Really Matters

  1. I am all about speed and convience. Smartphones today are making it easy for us to have to carry around as little as possible. Store coupons are stored on my phone, receipts are e-mailed to me and event tickets are linked to Passbook. Almost everything I need is in my phone. I haven’t even been to the bank in over a year beacuse I can do everything from my mobile banking app. But with all this convience is it making us lazy? Sometimes if I can’t do or access something on my phone, then I simply forgvet about it because logging onto my computer just seems too hard these days.


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