Comedic Strategy for Memorable Advertising

Emerging media includes the likes of social websites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as apps for your smartphone that can do just about anything you want. But what technique is going hand in hand with this technology? Comedy, of course. An age old mechanism, comedy has always successfully advertised to its audience. It seems that lately, though, it’s making more of an appearance in the world of marketing.

According to this article by Mackenzie Ames, “In the digital age, if you want to be noticed, you have to go viral. It’s the countless memes and Jimmy Fallon sketches that are going viral … and content marketing is taking the hint. Brands like Pepsi, Google and Virgin Mobile are pairing with Funny or Die, Second City and BuzzFeed, respectively, to create custom comedic content. With the use of humor in their creative treatments, these companies are seeing an increase in social media presence and brand awareness.” Link:

Comedy is one of the best ways to get remembered. Here’s a few of my favorite brands’ commercials that will definitely stick with you: (Petsmart) (Doritos)



One thought on “Comedic Strategy for Memorable Advertising

  1. Comedic relief of spreading like wildfire through social media. Almost every day I see something pop up in my newsfeed related to a skit from last night’s talk shows. In fact, I find myself searching for the latest Jimmy Fallon lip sync battles or Jimmy Kimmel mean tweets. This saves me time by not having to watch the whole show or sit through parts I don’t care about it. On the flip side of that, I see clips for portions of a stand-up show and I will search YouTube or Netflix to watch the full-version. Social media has allowed us to tailor our preferences to choose when, where and how we digest information. As we become more digital, that know includes streaming videos from anywhere we like, regardless of the program’s actual airtime.


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