How Zombies Inspired Transmedia Storytelling

Recently in IMC 619, we discussed the prominence of digital storytelling. The basic concept here is that companies can advertise through multiple media outlets in order to convey an idea or story about themselves. I couldn’t help but be reminded of my senior seminar course at Clemson University. The class was entirely about digital storytelling and its importance. We used the hit television show The Walking Dead as a reference. Students were required to dive into the story of not just the show, but the video game, comic book, and novel. It’s amazing how many sources could tell the same story, and yet be so different. For example, with the television show, you are the viewer. You are watching the characters live their lives and have no control over the outcome. Whereas, in the video game, you had to control the characters’ actions. You were responsible (mostly) for their story. This article discusses some of the various media that the story uses:

So what’s the relation here? Different media outlets tell different stories, even if they are representations of the same company. Target, for example, can advertise a coupon through their Instagram account, or offer an exclusive commercial that can only be viewed on Facebook. There are several options. It’s a key factor for any company’s marketing campaign to be heavily involved in various media. Even if it seems like the same story, it’s not, and different media will affect an audience in different ways. This article talks about the importance of digital storytelling with images:


One thought on “How Zombies Inspired Transmedia Storytelling

  1. I agree that marketers need to look at their campaigns as an extension and create integrated media plans that tell their story. I work on plans where the same story is being told across different mediums such as digital, print, broadcast TV and radio.
    No more are the days of one or two media outlets consumers can get information from, you have to catch them where they are and that may be on a digital device.


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