The Latest in “New” Media

IMC 619 has discussed the use of social media such as Twitter quite a bit throughout this semester. It was recently that I saw a commercial for Mattress Firm that mentioned “hashtag sleep happy” as a promotional discount on our purchase. I thought about how relevant this was to the course and wanted to bring it up. Here’s a screen shot of both the Instagram and Twitter advertisement:

sleephappy Twitter

sleephappy Insta

By using this hashtag, consumers will receive special savings on their purchase up until a certain date. This is such a great advertising mechanism for Mattress Firm. They’re not only “up-to-date” with their social media use, but they’re encouraging customers to advertise for them on two popular social media networks.

Companies are branching out in their advertising through these platforms. Sam Melton wrote this about both Twitter and Instagram advertisements s compared to Facebook:

“Twitter’s tactics have resulted in less backlash than Facebook’s – largely because Twitter ads are less conspicuous and, according to Forbes, take up a “tiny amount of real estate” on the home page.” (Twitter)

“A few companies have already reported positive results. Levi’s and Ben and Jerry’s experienced increases in ad recall and brand awareness with Instagram advertising.” (Instagram)

These two sites have increased so much in popularity, that marketers are specifically targeting them rather than Facebook, which has been around longer than both Instagram and Twitter. Even Mattress Firm specifically notes to use the hashtag on either of these two websites, but doesn’t mention Facebook (though you can hashtag on there as well).

So my question for emerging media experts is, are we already pushing to “new” new media? Has Facebook already exhausted itself?


One thought on “The Latest in “New” Media

  1. I know my kids, both college students, have pretty much abandoned Facebook. The accounts are open so that they can “stay in touch with their grandparents and aunts and uncles” but they and their friends rarely post anything to it. Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and Snapchat are what they use. So it would depend on your target audience if Facebook is still relevant.


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