The Art of the “Not So Obvious” Ads


For this assignment, we had to find three commercials that didn’t perceptibly advertise their product. The value of the advertisement is found within the filming of the commercial and not the actual product being put in the consumer’s face.


The first type of ad that came to mind was perfume. These are often mysterious by nature and typically don’t display the product outright. Keep in mind, this specific one does say “Giorgio Armani” in the very beginning as well as the tagline, but the commercial itself is vague until the very end. This commercial is for “Acqua Di Gioia” and features a beautiful woman embracing all different types of water. She’s experiencing things like sweat, the rain, morning dew, and the ocean. All of these water-based concepts lead to her happiness, hence, the end of the commercial where the viewers see the perfume. I would consider the tagline to be “simple pleasures.”

Here is the link:


The next commercial I chose is a personal favorite from Allstate Insurance. Again, the tagline at the end obviously says “Allstate,” however; the short film beforehand is eye-opening and entertaining. The brand positioning statement is “Mayhem is coming,” which refers to the commercial’s main character, Mayhem, but also indicates that anything is possible when it comes to bad things happening. In this specific one, Mayhem comes in the form of a distracting toddler. This is just providing one of many examples of distractions and accidents that take place while driving.

Here is the link:


Last, but certainly not least, here is one of my all time favorite commercials. Prepare yourselves: this one is a little emotional. This one is for Purina Puppy Chow. Purina places bags of food throughout the commercial (like the beginning with in the pet store), but they certainly aren’t the main focus. Viewers are consumed by the actual story that’s taking place that details the life of a man and his dog growing together. I would say that the statement here is “the bond that lasts.” Basically, Purina wants to emphasize that they can provide food that meets the need for every stage of your pet’s life (as well as your own).

Here is the link:





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