The Creative Concepts Behind Guinness & T-Mobile


Picture this: a group of friends are playing basketball and we can see the ball being thrown into the hoop. That’s the first shot. Second, we zoom out to see that these men are actually handicapped and playing basketball in wheelchairs. These are strong, healthy looking men who are having a great time and scoring repeatedly on each other. As we watch the game, one man, the main focus of the ad, falls from his wheelchair. However, the intensity of the game doesn’t stop. The man pulls himself back up, and the game continues without a hitch. In the last shot, show them drinking Guinness together after their game. The words “dedication, loyalty, friendship” will talk over the image. Lastly, it’ll end with the slogan “Guinness: Made of More.”

The intensity of the game despite the obvious challenges these men face is representative of strength and dedication. For Guinness, making beer is also about dedication, and has been since the start. They want to appeal to those who share that belief and appreciate/stay loyal to a great brand.

Here’s a link to the commercial:


For this next ad: imagine one of the hottest talents on today’s radio: Drake. He just had a hit in 2016 titled “Hotline Bling.” This video, which features him dancing in a colorful room while wearing heavy sweaters, made its way to being one of 2016’s most popular memes. Let’s use that music video, with Drake, but change it into a cell phone commercial. Every time he begins to sing, the executives at T-Mobile will stop him to chime in about “data rates and coverage.” To add to the comedy of it, Drake will enthusiastically agree to all change to his song.

This commercial is meant to be a comedy. The song, on its own, was a hit. It’s funny to think of Drake changing his lyrics to include details about T-Mobile’s phone plans. It provides all of the information about data plans and coverage without actually being used in the song.

Here’s a link to the commercial:


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