Small Startup-Big Industries

Digital Storytelling IMC 634

Wowza Media Systems Non-Fiction

1 minute ad spot


Interviews conducted with 3 employees: Daniel, Laura, and Katherine.



  Video Audio
1. Close up. Wowza Logo is shown. Light music.
2. Zoom Out. Office setting is shown with workers bustling around, happily talking. Daniel’s voice: “Wowza is so much more than software. It’s a startup company that built partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the world.”
3. Module of video transforming into a computer. Daniel: “When video streaming first started, Wowza was there. They were the head of the impact on this industry. When Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook was making his debut, Wowza was there, when Disney needed assistance with streaming, Wowza was the one they called.”
4. Images of Mark Zuckerburg in a conference. Light music.
5. Display several videos playing simultaneously, popping up onto the screen. Popping noises with each video.
6. Close up. Laura’s interview. Laura’s voice: “Working here, we’re a team. We provide a realistic service to several large companies. With that, we spend a lot of time in the office. But it’s well worth while to see the end results.”
7. Pop-ups of different Wowza industries: Live sports, broadcasts, education, religious organizations, and government. Katherine’s voice: “I love coming into work each day. Knowing I’m a part of helping so many different industries across the board is rewarding.”
8. Logos for several brands flash across the screen, i.e. Facebook, ESPN, Disney, and Nasa. Daniel’s voice: “What started as a small company has led to a much larger production. We specialize in helping these other industries display their message. It’s a system that continuously updates itself. We’re happy to work everyday on improving and expanding Wowza until we are globally recognized.”
9. Zoom out. Show Denver, CO office location. Light music.
10. Zoom in. Display logo for Wowza one last time. Underneath, display link to website for more information. Light music.


The purpose of this small spot commercial is to put the Wowza name out there without boring the public with too much information. The “need to know” emphasis is that they’re an expanding company that provides streaming software to big name industries, and they can happily provide it for you, too. I wanted to keep this short and simple so as to entice the customer but not weigh them down with software facts.


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